Niloofar Rahnama was born in 1975, She lives and works in Tehran, Iran, where she completed her studies in visual arts and obtained an MFA. Her works are influenced, above all, by her personal experiences. She is often intrigued and attracted by challenges of life and the ensuing emotions that we may all feel, but never care or dare to reveal. 

“I am inspired by what I see and feel in my day-to-day life. My works are parts of the outer world and a reaction to the ever-changing environment surrounding me: war and its aftermath, death and loss of the beloveds, motherhood and other miscellaneous novel circumstances that cause change in my feelings. Through painting, I create a correlation between my self-awareness and the surrounding world. I turn my ideas into sketches many times over. They get covered under layers and layers of paint over and over again. They appear and disappear regularly; the forms and lines are revealed and then omitted. they constantly change. It is the audience, at last, who keeps on its journey in my paintings using its own perspective.” 

Niloofar describes her work process as being very simple. Just like her visual style, it regularly undergoes changes and adaptations in line with her developing process as an artist. Combining Still-life and figurative elements in the works she creates, she considers her art as a medium for real communication.


In addition to her freelance painting, Niloofar teaches painting to children and adolescents. She also practices illustration and publishing for children’s books.